This animation is a science animation that features a so called "Blood Mobile" in the circulatory system. In reality, the circulatory system and the bloodmobile is important because it helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells in your body. However in this animation in Austin's body, in order to get on the bloodmobile, you have to pay oxygen. Therefore, he dies. (He respawns.) Then it is shown that in Sean's body, you don't have to pay. Austin looks down from heaven as an angel unamused.


One day Austin is just standing up. Then his circulatory system inside is seen. "Hey bloodmobile! We need to get to the lungs so we could get oxygen!" One of the red blood cells says. "Okay then, pay up." The driver says. "What?" The blood cell askes. "Pay up your oxygen." "But that's why we're going to the lungs! To get oxygen!" "Too bad, too sad. Pay up your oxygen." Then suddenly a group of white blood cells appear. "Quick! Theres a germ. We need to terminate it!" The leader says. "Blood mobile, can you get us there?" The Bloodmobile replies,"Okay, but pay oxygen." "But Austin's about to die!" The white and red blood cells exclaim. Then outside Austin is seen, bringing his death. Then Sean appears. It is seen that we go in his circulatory system. The red blood cells say, "We need to get to the lungs!" "Okay! No one needs to pay anything!" Sean's bloodmobile says. Then Austin is watching up from heaven. "Come on!" He shouts.


To be released...

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