This is a Full Chakatan's Adventure Episode That has nothing to do with Potatoes


  • Narrator 1:  A Long time ago...A Young man Named Chakatan was Born.. He was Pretty Adventurous and he Loved to explore diffrent places. When he was a Grown up he Finally went on his Ultimate Adventure...and he Even Defeated the Lord of Darkness!
  • Narrator 2: Umm...Your Spoiling the Whole Chakatan's Adventure Series...And you got the Aftermath Script Dumbass..
  • Narrator 1: ...Sorry lol...Anyways...One day he was watching TV with his Friends Austin and Shaden *screen goes to Chakatan's House*
  • a hand appears and knocks on the door*
  • Pizza Delivery Guy: Pizza!! *continues knocking on the door
  • Chakatan opens door*
  • Chak: Yo Hi Their!...Umm * snatches pizza and Throws a Bag of Cash in Delivery Guy's Face *
  • Pizza guy falls on the ground* 
  • Tloop: A Looks like i found myself a couch * carries Delivery guy away *
  • Camera enters Chak's House and Shows Shaden Watching Tv while Chak is still bringing the Pizza to the Room*
  • Chak : Hey Shaden I Brought Pizza!
  • Shaden : Yay Pizza! 
  • Chak :  Hey Austin Would you like some Piz-....Wait Where's Austin?
  • camera fades to a mountain and shows Austin Fighting some Rock Golems*
  • Austin : You Golems are no fun at all * dodges punch and lands on Golems Head*..Well * pulls out sword*...Im Getting Bored so Lets finish this...*slices all Golems at once*
  • Austin : What a bunch of weaklings....*senses something* Is someone watching me? *spots someone from afar*.....What do you want?
  • ???: !!!??? ( He...He..found Me?! )
  • Austin : Alright Dont be Afraid...Im not gonna hurt you * puts sword back on pouch *...
  • ??? : ....*pulls out knives* Well...Guess what...I Want to kill you... *grins* Now DIE!! * Throws throwing knives *
  • Austin : ...Really * Breaks throwing knives using only his finger * ...Weak...*sigh* Well since your no Challenge at All i might aswell leave you..
  • ??? : D:

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