Is an Extraordinary Person that Loves to Venture and Make Friends With Other People.He Appeared in Several Animations as Either A Main Character,Minor Character or A Cameo Person.He is the Protagonist of the Chakatan's Adventure Series.


(Chakatan formerly wears a Short Sleeved red Jacket,Blue Pants and Brown Shoes and His Hair was Very Very Spiky)Chakatan wears a Red Hoodie ( with Yellow Undershirt) with Blue Pants and Red Sneakers He has a 4 Spiked hair and Blue Eyes.


Chakatan is Pretty Goofy,his Never Serious and He Is Very Friendly to People.He doesnt get Angry and He Really Really Sucks at Fighting ( as Shown in Later Chapters ).As Seen his Pretty Confident and Consideres himself as The Coolest Person Ever.His Popular Trait is His Addiction to Mountain Dew and Potatoes

 Other Animation AppearancesEdit

  • Pie GIF - Appears as a Main Character That Stole Everyone's Pie
  • Stickman Universe - Appears as a Cameo Dude on Some Episodes and Becomes a Minor at Season 6
  • Zombie's Apocalypse - Has a Minor Role and he Helps Austin and The gang


  • In the Whole Chakatan's Adventure Series Austin has Knocked out Chakatan Total of Over 16x
  • Chakatan's Real life Counterpart Drinks Mountain Dew 5x A Day ( sometimes 3 )
  • His an Artist and he Draws Almost Everyday
  • In The CA Series He Gains a Sword Called the Sword of Light Which the Colors of the Blade is Based on Iron Man's Armor
  • In some Comics and Animations People get Chakatan's Personality Wrong sometimes
  • He has a Fear of Clowns
  • In The Pie GIF it Shows his Stickman Counterpart
  • His really Clumsy with the Sword Of Light and tends to Accidently Slice Random Things ( even Part of Austin's Hair ) 
  • His Currently making Chakatan's Adventure an Animated Series
    • His also making a game too...
    • And some Animations also...
  • He has Devainart and a Facebook Page You should go check it out
    • He also has Twitter You should go and follow him...for your own sake 
  • He is the most creative of the group. 


Is a Quite Lazy and Laid back dude that likes to see the Good side of everything.He is the Deuteragonist of the Chakatan's Adventure Series.


( Shaden formerly wears a Plain Shirt,Blue Pants and Brown Shoes) Shaden Wears a Green Shirt with A Lightning Design,Teal Pants,Blue Sneakers and Green Eyes with 5-Spiked Hair


As i said earlier His Lazy and Laidback and he likes Fighting just like Austin.His very kind to his friends but alot more aggresive to Enemies.His Addicted to Anything Fire Related..for some Reason


  • The Real-Life Shaden Co-Writes the Series ( sometimes )
  • Shaden has made a ton of stories that stars Chakatan as a Deuteragonist
  • He has his own wiki you should check it out
  • Just like Chakatan and Austin his an Animator and an Artist
  • Shaden has the ability to control flames
  • Shaden's Character design Makes him Look like Chakatan
  • Real-Life Shaden's Version of himself shows him wearing a tuxedo and he has Black hair with long bangs that cover his right eye
  • Shaden has a short Cameo in One of Chakatan's Animations.


Is an Awesome Fighter that that's extremely strong. He is the Tritagonist of the Chakatan's Adventure Series


Austin Wears a Ninja Suit ( Red Undershirt) with a Red Belt,White Pants,Goku-Like Boots.He Also has Black Spiky Hair and Red Eyes 


Austin is a Kind Guy but he tends to get Aggresive and he thinks Chakatan is Very Annoying.His also Rude to Enemies and Tends to Beat them up.Austin loves fighting and Animating at the same time.He has an Addiction to Swords.


  • Some People speculate that Austin is going to be a bad guy in later Chapters ( Which inspired me to make a spin-off comic ) even though Its not true
  • Austin in Real life made this Wiki
  • His Aggresive Side was fully shown on Chapter 6
  • Austin's version of himself shows him wearing a purple vest with a green undershirt and he has Black round plain Hair
  • He made an 2 Animations Starring Chakatan in it
  • Even though Austin and Chak dont like each other too much they Seem to have a Strong Bond and they're Often seen Drawing Together
  • Austin in Real-life Doesnt knock out Chakatan 
  • He hates Valentine's Day.
    • Old Design of Chakatan
    • Chakatan's Former Appearance
    • Chak's Latest Appearance
    • Chakatan Practice Drawing
    • The Sword of Light
    • Shaden's Latest Appearance
    • Shaden's Version of Himself
    • Austin ( 1st Drawn )
    • Re-Drawn Picture of Austin ( now with a Sword )
    • Austin's Version of Himself
    • Austin's Character's Latest Appearance
    • Austin with sunglasses.
    Austin is the most popular Character in the Chakatan's Adventure Series
  • His Soft side was finally seen in Chapter 8
  • Chakatan's Stats
  • Shaden's Stats
  • Austin's Stats

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